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How to set Your Greatest Goal ?

1. Set Your Own Goal , Not for others .

First thing you should keep in your mind , It’s Your Goal , not of anyone else . No one else should be responsible for your Goal .

2. Goal should be Important for You .

While writing a Goal , You must ask few questions to yourself . Is it really Important ? Is it for you ? Can you give your dedication and energy ? If yes , write it down and proceed .

3. Make it specific ,measurable and flexible .

You should be specific in your goal and it should be measurable and flexible .

4.Make it Challenging .

You succeed only out of you comfort zone .Make it challenging.

5. Make it Exciting .

Your Goal should be exciting and you should be excited to work upon it .

6. Don’t affect Your Values .

Do not forget your values while setting your Goal .Your goal should not contradict with your values .It should be aligned with it.

7. Make a balanced Goal .

Your goal should be balanced .It should cover your relaxing , your enjoyment and fun . Real goals are those without them you can’t live .

8. Set Realistic goals.

If you are made for cricket , don’t make goal for football . It should be realistic .

9. Contribute to the Society .

Make goal which should contribute to the society .Always make a time for it and work and contribute a little for the uplifting of Society

10. Select a mentor .

A mentor or A Guru (in Sanskrit) , work as a Support .Choose a mentor who will show you the real path of success .





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